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Corporate Training Programmes

Customized Trainings for Organizational Success

A company, they say, is only as good as its employees. It is their skills and competencies that determine the performance — and by extension, the success — of a company. 

At the Corporate Training Centre, we understand this. Our courses are designed to transform professionals into valued employees and instrumental team players.

Customised to meet the requirements of corporate clients, the courses range from on-boarding new employees, reskilling existing ones, and upgrading specific skills for specific projects. 

Over the years, the Corporate Training Centre has made a name for itself as a training initiative that offers customer-centric and detail-oriented training programmes. Every programme is created keeping in mind the customers’ end goals and is conducted by trainers with years of rich experience. 

Explore Courses Offered

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    Corporate Training Programmes

    For over 20 years, we have offered training programmes for corporate customers who wish to reskill and upskill their staff for knowledge and application for relevance in various industries. We conduct training programmes in multiple specialisations.… Read More
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    Graduate/​Postgraduate Engineer Training Programmes

    New hires need specific orientation to the engineering requirements of the company. Graduate Engineering Training Programmes are designed to offer induction training on behalf of industry /​corporates. The topics for training are decided by corporate… Read More
  • Competency Centre

    User Oriented Postgraduate Courses

    We offer tailor-made postgraduate courses in Engineering, Art and Design, and other allied areas to industries and organisations interested in educating and training their employees. The courses are designed to suit the needs and schedule of… Read More