Competency Centre

User Oriented Postgraduate Courses

We offer tailor-made postgraduate courses in Engineering, Art and Design, and other allied areas to industries and organisations interested in educating and training their employees. The courses are designed to suit the needs and schedule of companies who approach us, and are partially delivered by the company. 

The duration of the courses is 3 years and classes are conducted during weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) or on days convenient to students. Students can opt for regular courses that are offered by MSRUAS or for customised courses. 

Teaching, learning, and credits to be earned for the degree are the same as in the full-time courses, and these details are provided in academic regulations.

The advantage of these courses is in the qualifications and knowledge that they provide for employees in their specific domains. This enables retention in the company. 

Our MTech customised courses are as follows:

1. Engineering Design and Technology Management

2. Electronic Systems Design and Technology Management